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Richard Ellis is the founder and Managing Director of Stratum Management Limited and has over 20 years' experience in the fields of defence system acquisition, knowledge management and artificial intelligence.

Following a career as a Weapon Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy, he has worked as a technical management consultant for Crew Services Ltd, and more recently Stratum, supporting a wide range of government and industry projects. His recent focus has been on supporting UK MOD in the development of Network Enabled Capability and other programmes related to the improved management and exploitation of knowledge and information in the defence domain. Previous activities included the development of MOD and NATO guidance on the use of COTS technology in military systems.

In addition to defence matters, Richard spent two years as a Director of, an innovative ideas management company, and is also an active member of the UK artificial intelligence community, where he takes a particular interest in the application of AI and knowledge management techniques to real world problems. He has run a number of conferences and workshops on the practical use of AI.

Richard's interest in practical knowledge management stems from his experiences supporting project and programme management in knowledge intensive organisations, and from his involvement in the development of AI based systems. He is working closely with the AKRI Ltd in the development and application of Knowledge Structure Mapping.

A member of both the British and American Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS and AAAS), Richard takes an active interest in the development of science policy and the public understanding (or misunderstanding ) and use (and misuse) of science. He is also the Chair of Trustees of the Micheldever School Development Trust, a charity raising funds for the refurbishment of Micheldever's village primary school.

Richard is married with two children and lives in Hampshire. He is an avid reader of modern fiction, a keen mountain walker, a pottering sailor and a frustratingly poor rock climber.