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Knowledge Management

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Stratum's involvement in Knowledge Management was born from a combination of the company's activities.

  • Experience of management support and consultancy has underlined again and again the importance of people and information in the development of capability. Work on Network Enabled Capability for the UK MOD gave a particular insight into the importance of managing the human knowledge resource if investments in information systems were to yield positive results.
  • Work in the field of artificial intelligence has brought an understanding of the philosophical nature of knowledge, the realisation that knowledge lies at the centre of any enterprise, and experience of the practical issues of dealing with knowledge, such as knowledge elicitation and representation.

Knowledge Structure Mapping

In addition to offering general advice and support in the area of Knowledge Management, Stratum is working closely with AKRI Ltd in the development and application of Knowledge Structure Mapping or KSM. This proven technique provides a method of analysing and capturing the human knowledge needs and capabilities of an organisation in a readily accessible form. Stratum is assisting AKRI both in the general development of KSM, and in its application to the military domain.

To see some of Stratum's presentations on KSM and its application, please click here or here. Full details of KSM can be obtained from AKRI's website.

Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis, or SNA, is a powerful technique that can uncover and map the real networks that drive, or sometimes undermine, an organisation. 

Within any organisation there is a formal management and control structure, which is well documented and easily identified. Typically this would cover the various departments, with their managers and staff, and would include the formal responsibilities of departments (finance, marketing, legal etc) and the links with other organisations such as sub-contractors and customers.

However, as anyone who has worked in any organisation (or even just lived in a village!) knows, the day to day life of an organisation doesn't respect these boundaries, and the real work goes on through a network of contacts and casual working relationships across (and beyond) the formal organisation. SNA provides a method of identifying these networks, allowing a fuller understanding of the organisation and how it works.

These informal networks are particularly important when viewed from a knowledge perspective, as they represent a crucial infrastructure that allows the flow of knowledge through, into and out of the organisation. An SNA study often makes a valuable follow on to a KSM analysis.

For more details about how Stratum could support your organisation through SNA, please contact us.


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