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Artificial Intelligence

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Stratum has always retained a close interest and involvement in developments in Artificial Intelligence, playing an active role in the UK AI community.

Richard Ellis, Stratum's founder, qualified at Post Graduate level in a wide range of Artificial Intelligence techniques, and has gathered considerable practical experience of AI matters:

  • He is a committee member of the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence and of the Natural Computing Application Forum. 
  • He has chaired workshops and discussion sessions on Practical Application of AI, concentrating on non-technical issues that can preclude the adoption of AI based technology.
  • During his time in Crew Services he acted as the company focus for AI matters, and undertook studies for DERA in knowledge elicitation and the development of knowledge representation. 
  • Within Ideadollar he developed neural network, natural language and rule based analysis and management systems. 
  • He is a past Chairman of the Steering Committee of the UK DTI sponsored Smart Software Technology Club, established to promote communication between AI tool and software suppliers and UK Industry and Commerce.

He has acted as Chair and Deputy Chair of a number of AI conferences and events, and has been the co-editor on a number of editions of the Springer series "Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems." 

Richard maintains a close interest in the development of AI techniques, and is currently undertaking further research into the practical aspects of implementing AI based systems.